Charaki - More than one beach

Charaki is situated 32 kilometers away from Rhodes Town in the eastern coast of the island. It is a peaceful fishing village with graphic beach, very quiet atmosphere, clearly limpid waters suitable for exploring the bottom of the sea.

You can also find lots of small fishing boats mooring in the port, eat fresh fish in taverns, drink flavored Greek coffee at the cafeterias and most of all, enjoy the imposing castle of Feraklou which composes the enchanting scenery of Charaki.

Moreover, Charaki beach is the ideal choice for those who travel with few members of family since Charaki is known for its hospitality and peaceful environment. There are lots of rented deck chairs and umbrellas which enable you to enjoy the sun, the tan, while your children are playing with safety.

Exploring the around regions, you will discover the authentic life of local people who live in Archangelos, a village situated 8 kilometers away from Charaki. You will definitely enjoy your journey through the village since it’s surrounded by pine trees revitalizing you and your family.

Charaki is exactly what you are looking for. The familiar atmosphere in combination with the beautiful scenery is the best choice for everyone!